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Wide Range of Properties

Book the best priced properties like hostels, apartments, homestays, villas via Tripcetera and enjoy great deals. You can choose from over 200k plus properties worldwide in 3 easy steps.

Fast and Easy Booking

One of the advantages of Tripcetera as the best online accommodation platform is the very easy process of booking. You only need to determine the location or destination you want to stay in, use the supported means of payment, and print out or carry the hotel’s voucher with you.

Transaction Security Guarantee

Tripcetera offers you the freedom to choose and book homes and other types of accommodations online. You can also use a variety of payment channels that are guaranteed safe and secure.

Low Prices with Various Payment Options

Tripcetera provides a variety of payment methods that you can choose yourself, from bank transfers, credit cards, Paypal and GoPay at the cheapest, transparent prices and without any additional fees.

Book the Cheapest Properties Easily at Tripcetera

Tripcetera offers a wide selection of the best and cheapest homestays, apartments, villas and/or other types of properties, with great prices and facilities to choose from. It is perfect for families, groups or couples who want to enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and privacy while traveling.

Travelers can cook, relax and go into different adventures in their leisure time. Tripcetera provides hundreds of properties that you can order in various cities in Indonesia such as Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bintan, Sumba, etc. Thousands of homestays, apartments, villas, and a variety of homes that you can get around the world.

Most of the homes, villas, apartments, and rooms are generally located near tourist sites such as beaches or mountain so that tourists easily travel from the place of stay to the tourist attractions you want to visit. Of course, some of the prices offered by villas are more expensive than hotels but we offer the cheapest prices and the best facilities. Homestays, apartments or villas are the most appropriate choice for you when vacationing with a few people or a big group like family or friends.

The Advantage of Booking Homestays, Apartments, and Villas on Tripcetera

Some of the seasons where many people go for holidays are Eid Al-Fitr, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Eid al-Adha, school breaks and even regular weekends between Saturday or Sunday.

Many villas, homes, and apartments provide entertainment facilities such as children's playgrounds, fishing lakes, beautiful gardens, sports facilities, and recreational facilities, and usually similar to your own homes.

If your itinerary involves mountainous areas/regions, adventures in the middle of a tranquil forest, near lakes, or any places that are remote yet accessible via private transports, then homestays, apartments or villas are the perfect options for you. You can focus your enjoyment on what is around you and the peace and relaxation that will give you a spiritual and mental recharge.

Tips for Choosing the Best Homestay, Apartment or Villa

1. Order the Homestay, Apartment or Villa as Needed

One must determine your needs and priorities when looking for lodging. Do you need a short stay to just sleep and take a short break? Or you want to enjoy a luxurious room with complete facilities? Or deliberately renting the best for family gatherings? By understanding these main needs, you can determine which homestay, apartment or villa is suitable.

2. Pay Attention to the Facilities Offered

It is very important for tourists to know what facilities are offered. Starting from the comfort of the rooms, furniture, complimentary rooms, toilets and other facilities that are important to pay attention to. Do not let yourself make mistakes some mistakes in choosing the wrong property that is not in accordance with your wishes.

3. Adjust to the Budget that You Have

The next consideration is choosing to adjust your budget. Prices offered by the property manager will be in accordance with the facilities obtained. If you just want to spend the night and the rest of the time to take a walk or explore tourist attractions, then you don't need to choose a luxury property with all the complete facilities. Choose one with simple facilities at a more affordable price.

4. Pay Attention to the Location of the Property with the Tourist Attractions You Want to Visit

The cheaper the price of a homestay, apartment or villa, the location usually will be further away from tourist attractions. This means you need to pay extra for transportation if you have to go to such places of interests. The time you need to get to those tourist destinations will also be longer. You need to consider the location carefully as the distance and unnecessary time and effort spent just for going places can also drain your stamina. This can be heavily considered when you are on a short vacation.

5. Ensure the Security of the Homestay, Apartment or Villa you Ordered

During the holidays, security is a top priority. A property with a good level of security will certainly make visitors feel comfortable to stay for quite a long time. Also, pay attention to environmental security around the property. It is better to choose a more expensive homestay, apartment or villa that can provide a maximum level of security, especially for female tourists and those with children to their vacation.

6. Make a Property Booking at least One Month Before Vacationing

If the tourist attractions that you want to visit are crowded, you should book the homestay, apartment or villa a few weeks or a month before. This gives you enough time to sort out the details and to avoid worrying where to stay even if there will be last-minute changes/amendments into your itinerary.

7. Book a Homestay, Apartment or Villa on a Trusted Site

In choosing a property to stay into during your vacation, always pay attention to the booking site that you are using, Tripcetera guarantees security for every transaction you make. With the technology that we have, every transaction made is guaranteed to be secured.

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How to Book a Cheap Property In Tripcetera

Tripcetera gives you the recommendation of cheap homestays, apartments or villas with its prices and availability. Not only that, while you are clicking the details of each property, you will get the description, room photos, facilities, the service, profile, and places of interests near the homestay, apartment or villa.

If you are still confused about where to bookfor the cheapest properties, Tripcetera is the answer. Here are the easy steps to booking one :

1. Set the Destination and Date of the Trip

The first step you have to do is visit the Tripcetera website at After that, enter the destination, city, landmark or property name. After that, select the check-in date, as well as the duration of your desired stay. Then click 'Search', then the list of properties you are looking for will be displayed. On Tripcetera, you can book cheap properties or lodging on the same day.

2. Select the Homestay, Apartment or Villa that You Want

After the list of properties of your choice is displayed, you can use the filter facility on the left side of the screen. You can set the facilities according to your wishes. After that you can select via group size and the total number rooms you require.

3. Fill in the Order Data and Guest Data Completely

If you are sure of your choice, immediately confirm the booking by filling in the order data and data of the guest who will stay. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) that has been sent to your cellphone via SMS, then select your preferred payment method and pay within the time limit specified.

4. Confirm Approval by Host

After booking the property, please wait for the host's approval if your status is "subject to confirmation". If your order is approved, you will receive an email notification, then please complete payment through the "my order" menu. However, if you do not see the "subject to confirmation" status, please immediately complete the payment.

5. Complete the Payment Process

After confirming the order, you will be directed to the payment page. Tripcetera provides various payment methods that you can choose from including bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal and GoPay. After confirmation of payment, our system will send a voucher & receipt to your email. Booking the best homestay, apartment or villa on Tripcetera is very easy and fast. The price you pay is also transparent and without any additional fees.

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