This website is an online Travel Marketplace for individual Hosts and corporate Service providers to List their services (accommodation, transportation, etc.) or make such services available via an integrated and/ or intermediary system (e.g., hotels and airlines); and for travellers / Guests to directly access and book such Services with our intuitive booking platform. We thank you for choosing tripcetera.com (the “Website”), your preferred one stop shop for all your travel needs. By using this Website and/or the relevant hosting or booking facility, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this document, hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement or T&C” between you and Tripcetera.

    Tripcetera is a commercial brand owned and controlled by Batam Fast Ferry Pte Ltd (“Batamfast”), a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore. The terms “we,” “us,” “our,” and “Tripcetera” refer to Batamfast. The term “you” refers to the customer using, visiting, or accessing the Website, and/or listing a service or accessing/booking a service on this Website or through our counters and agents.

    The use of this Website is conditional upon your acceptance of all the terms, conditions, and notic-es outlined herein. By accessing this Website, you agree to be bound by this T&C. Please read the document carefully. If you do not accept these terms of service, please do not use this Website. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to modify and update the T&C without prior notice, and your continued use of this Website means that you accept the latest version of the T&C. When us-ing particular services on the Website, you are subject to additional published policies specific to such services, which may also be updated periodically. Such specific and supplementary policies or conditions form part of this T&C.

    Users of this Website and online hosting / booking platform must be at least 18 years old to access and utilize the services offered herein.

    You warrant that you possess the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation for any relevant hosting or booking transaction and arrangement. You certify that all information provided by you on this Website is true, accurate, current and complete.

    For Hosts, you warrant that you will only list or offer secure and legitimate Services (accommodations, transportation, etc.) on behalf of yourself or for another person (natural or corporate) for whom you are legally authorized to act.

    For Users with a registered tripcetera.com account, it is your responsibility to protect your account information and safeguard the access and use of your account. You are solely responsible for any access to your account, either by yourself or any other person. Tripcetera reserves the right to disallow anyone access to this Website and our platform – at any time, at our sole discretion, with or without reason, and for any violation of the terms of this T&C.


    For purposes of this T&C, the following words and terms, including their plural forms, shall have the following meanings:

    “User” - means any person navigating the Tripcetera website, or a Host that has been issued a Tripcetera log in access/account, or a Guest who avails of any of the available services as listed in Tripcetera. This term also applies to all persons with authorized access accounts under our B2B platform for corporate partners (hotels, transport companies, etc.) A User may or may not be a registered Member.

    "Member" - means any person who successfully completes the Tripcetera account sign-up / registration process, including but not limited to Hosts (Accommodation, Transportation, Others) and Guests.

    “Host” - means any Member who has listed his Service(s) with Tripcetera.

    “Guest” - means a Member who books or purchases any of Service(s) listed by Hosts in the Tripcetera platform. It also refers to a User who books or purchase any of the Service(s) offered by Tripcetera corporate Service providers (hotels, airlines, others) via this Website.

    “Service” - means one of the following: accommodation, transportation, attraction voucher, spa, tour package, food and beverage voucher, vehicle rentals, or any other products that are listed to be available for the User to purchase via this online booking platform.

    “Listing” - means or collectively refers to as the available accommodation, transportation, attraction, spa, tour package, food and beverage voucher, vehicle rentals, etc. that are registered by a Host via Tripcetera.

    “Content” - means one of or collectively refers to any photo, graphics, text, visuals, description, details, tag lines, advertisement or marketing pitches that describes, promotes or associate any of the Host or Services and Listings within Tripcetera.

    "Accommodation" - means any residential or other properties listed by a Host and/or any hotel room available for booking or rental by a User or a Guest.


    Tripcetera provides a platform for Hosts to List and publish their Services (accommodation, transportation, etc.) and for corporate Service providers (hotels, airlines, etc.) to integrate their current inventories via our B2B facility or via a third party aggregator or distribution system. Such available Services are made accessible on this Website for Users and Guests to book, rent, or purchase on an as-is, where-is basis – without warranties from Tripcetera, express or implied. We are not responsible for any information provided and posted in this Website by any User or third party, including but not limited to Hosts, Guests, or corporate Service providers, merchants and establishments. In addition, Tripcetera is not responsible for the actions of Users/Guests as a result of their use of the Service(s) or this Website. Users are responsible for any and all costs resulting from using the Website or the procurement of any Service(s) via the Website.

    Tripcetera enables Users / Guests to select and book a Service or multiple Services in various combinations on an ala carte basis and aggregate such bookings and choices via our trip builder facility. This allows Users to create their own travel itinerary and consolidate the payment process via the available payment gateways of Tripcetera. We are not responsible for any other costs, tips, surcharges or additional charges that may be imposed by a Host to the User / Guest outside of the online platform and published rates / agreed upon scope of Service at the time of successful and completed purchase or confirmed booking.

    We are not connected or affiliated in any way with the Hosts, corporate service providers, merchants, establishments for the various Listings and offered Services. We do not perform and are not responsible for screening the Service offered via this online platform, nor guarantee that it will meet the quality expectations of the User / Guest for any of the Listings provided. We do not have the means to guarantee the safety, the legality and the authenticity of any listings. The User has the sole discretion to do further research prior to confirming any of the Services listed by the Hosts and other service providers in Tripcetera.

    Tripcetera is not a party to the transactions between Guests and the Host / corporate Service providers. We only facilitate the transactions between the parties via the functionalities of our system. These tools enable the Users (Guest / Host or service providers) to enter into and complete a transaction between themselves. We have no control over the quality, safety, or legality of the items Listed or offered, the accuracy of the information, the capacity of Hosts to offer and execute the Services listed. We do not guarantee the capacity of the Guests to pay for the transaction, damage to real property, loss or impairment of personal property, and any personal injury as a result of a Guest’s stay or use of a Service. We cannot guarantee that a Host and Guest booking request for a Service can be consummated and finalized. Tripcetera does not guarantee the quality, site, readiness, suitability, or cost of any specific Service listed by a Host or a corporate service provider

    To book or purchase any of the Services listed in the Website, Users may opt to register as a Member in order to avail of the hosted Services. For non-hosted services or those provided by hotels, airlines and other corporate service providers, a User can still transact a booking or procure a Service even without registering as a Member. For such non-hosted services, the User will still be required to provide certain minimum personal details in order to complete the booking transactions. A Host, on the other hand is required to register as a Member and subsequently complete all the steps in the Hosting registration process prescribed in the Website. By participating in a transaction through the Website, Users agree to comply with all applicable laws, including relevant local tax regulations.

    Upon successful registration as a Member, a User will be issued a unique Member ID and pass code that will be subsequently re-set by the Member. At the minimum, an email account, a mobile number, passport and/or national ID details, and a social media account will need to pass through a validation protocol before a Membership account is activated. You are solely and fully responsible for all activities and transactions under your registered Tripcetera Member account. You are to ensure confidentiality and safeguarding of your own access details. Should there be any security breach or if you believe that your access account has been compromised, you must immediately notify us in writing via your email account registered with us send us an SMS via your registered hand phone number to the contact information as listed on our 'Contact Us' section. Tripcetera will then temporarily suspend the User account, until a new registration ID is then processed. User must ensure the security of the URL and/or the internet connection that is used to log in to their Tripcetera account. User must log out at the end of each session. User is solely responsible for any transactions performed under their Tripcetera account, we are not liable for any damages whatsoever should there be any transactions performed resulting from any unauthorized access and/ or malicious usage.


    User accepts and agrees that Tripcetera is not responsible for the information and Content on the Website that originated from and provided by Hosts, Guests, advertisers, other third parties in general, and those provided by corporate service provides such as hotels and airlines. User also agrees that publicly or privately transmitted Content, information and/or data, are the sole responsibility of the originator of the Content.

    You take sole responsibility for all Content you upload, download, post, email, convey or List as a Service via this Website. Tripcetera cannot control Content posted on the Website or sent to you from another User or other third-party, hence, we do not guarantee the quality and overall integrity of such Content. By using the Website and/or booking a Service, you agree to hold us completely free from any fault or liability in case you are exposed to offensive, objectionable material or Content. You agree that we are not liable for any inaccuracies, errors, omissions in any Content, or for any cost or damage incurred as a result of the use of any Service or Content transmitted or obtained via the Website.

    You agree and understand that you are solely responsible for compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, including local tax compliance and any other obligations that may arise as a result of your use of this Website or procurement of a Service and Content. You agree to only use the Website for lawful and legal purposes. You hereby further declare and warrant that you will not:

    1. Breach or contravene any applicable local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to tax regulations, zoning restrictions, real property and chattel rental regulations;
    2. Upload, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, indecent, harmful, offensive, obscene, explicit, libellous, and otherwise socially unacceptable materials;
    3. Violate privacy and intellectual property laws, download or unlawfully copy, store, copy, or otherwise use copyrighted and proprietary material in this Website, beyond what is permitted by law or expressly allowed by this T&C;
    4. Hack or use any unauthorized means of infiltrating the Website and any of its Content, that would cause damage or interfere with the operation of our Website, Services, including, without limitation, through the use of viruses, cancel bots, Trojan horses, harmful code, flood pings, denial-of-service attacks, backdoors, packet or IP spoofing, forged routing or electronic mail address information or similar methods or technology;
    5. Illegally obtain, store, transmit, distribute, post any information of other users, individual, organization or entity any information that are personal, including without limitation, personal contact information, bank account, credit or debit card numbers, mailing addresses, ID numbers, photographs that are owned by others without their permission;
    6. Enrol, subscribe and/or enlist others or co-Users to any of unsolicited emails, marketing programs and advertisements unrelated to the Services or Listings that are under Tripcetera;
    7. Harass or cyberbully any other User;
    8. Inflict any harm or express any intention to inflict any harm to any other User;
    9. Disguise and pretend to be someone else, impersonate and/or misrepresent another User or any other entity other than yourself;
    10. Abuse and exploit Tripcetera contact network by engaging in any activity or solicit any other User in any activity that are not part of the Services Listed as available here in Tripcetera;
    11. Use any content or any information obtained from this Website to promote, including but not limited to hate, racism, violence, discrimination, disruption of peace, interference with law and order, political unrests, create conflicts, vulgarity, obscenity; spreading false news / information that may or may not negatively affect others in any way;
    12. Copy and distribute any of the Content as published in Tripcetera, unless otherwise permission is granted and sourced by you directly from the rightful owner;
    13. Sign up as different User/s under different or the same account information, to obtain more than one Tripcetera Member account. One Member account can be used to function as a Host or Guest in different instances as appropriate
    14. Do any payment or sales transactions, within the context of the Services Listings, outside of Tripcetera’s payment module. Should you do so, you agree and acknowledge that you will be in breach of these terms, accept all responsibilities and will not hold Tripcetera accountable for such transactions.


    You accept and understand that all information pertaining to any Listings, Hosts (including corporate service providers) and Guests are all considered as “third parties”. You understand that we do not endorse and represent any of these parties, as they operate individually / independently and are not part of the organization that owns and runs Tripcetera.

    Your interactions with organizations and/or individuals found on or through Tripcetera, including payment and delivery of products or Services, or any representations are solely between you and such third-party organizations and/or individuals. You should do your own research and evaluation prior to engaging with an agreement with any of the Users of this Website. We do not control these parties and we are not responsible for any of their actions, Content, or the privacy or other related practices of any other website.


    Any interested and capable Member can sign up a s Host by following the online step by step process for the registration. Once you are signed up as a Host, you can List your Services (accommodation, transport, others) for rental, booking, or purchase by Guests. For Hosting, you will need to have your Member ID in Verified status before your Listing(s) can be activated for access to the public. Basic requirements would be a digital scan of your valid passport, a digital scan of your national identification card or government issued ID (in addition to the passport; whatever is applicable from the Host country of origin), a valid email address, a registered home address, a valid hand phone number, and other documents which may be required to improve verification. Please refer to the “Join as a Host” link for the detailed list of requirements, procedure and its specified terms and conditions.

    You understand that you are solely responsible for all the information, Content and any visual that you provide Tripcetera, to be posted as part of promoting your Service Listings. You agree and represent that you are solely and entirely responsible for its origin and therefore the only person to address any issue to be raised by any party on the authenticity, accuracy, quality and integrity of any of the Content that you have downloaded, uploaded, or provided to any User of this website and to any of the Guests.

    You acknowledge that we do not do physical pre-screenings on any Listings and any of the Content pertaining to a Listing posted by a Host, regardless if from a verified or non-verified Host. However, Tripcetera shall have the right to refuse or remove any content within its Website for any reason we deem reasonable and fit. We may disclose any content and information as provided by any User, provided to fulfil the following (a) to comply with legal proceedings; (b) to enforce the agreement; (c) respond to any claims of violation of rights of any third party; (d) to protect the rights of Tripcetera, its Users, and the general public; and e) to protect general property and personal safety. We do not have the obligation to examine and/or disclose any content to any third party for any reason. You accept and understand that all data and information as published may be transmitted over several territories, different networks and people other than those on this Website could gain access to it.

    We do not own any of the Contents submitted by both Hosts, Guests, and corporate service providers used within this Website. However, we hold the right to use, edit, modify, adjust, reproduce, as we deemed fit, only to promote the Listings you have placed with Tripcetera.


    Tripcetera will collect the total fees from User / Guest once a booking request for a Service is confirmed by a Host or corporate service provider (hotels, airlines, etc). In order to reserve a booking while waiting for confirmation from the applicable Host’s / service provider, you agree that Tripcetera, as facilitator of the transactions, can at our own option: (a) obtain a pre-authorization via your credit card for the total fees and / or security deposit; (b) charge your credit card a token amount, not exceeding one US Dollar (USD 1.00), or its equivalent to validate your credit card. Only after Tripcetera receives confirmation of your booking from the applicable Host or service provider, will we collect the total fees in accordance with the T&C and the pricing indicated in the relevant Listing. It should be noted that the Guest’s bank may charge certain fees related to their payment to Tripcetera of the total fees for the for the Services procured. Such fees are beyond the control of Tripcetera and we disclaim any liability for such bank charges. For purchases of e-Vouchers (F&B, Spa, Attractions, etc.) or other Services that do not require booking at the time of purchase and will be instead redeemed at the time of presentation to the merchant – subject to availability and on a first-come, first-served (“FCFS”) basis, User agrees that payment is due immediately at the time of purchase confirmation.

    For certain Services booked under our Hosting platform – specifically for Accommodation and Transport Hosting, Tripcetera charges the Guest a 3% Guest Booking Fee (“GBF”) for each transaction. The GBF is due and payable at time of confirmation and payment. Note that the GBF is non-refundable. If the Guest cancels a reservation, for whatever reason, the refund due to the Guest will be reduced by the corresponding GBF. If the Host cancels a reservation, for any reason, the Host will be liable to pay Tripcetera the relevant GBF. In addition, we charge a Guest Service Charge (“GSC”) to help sustain the Marketplace between Hosts and Guests. This is typically around 10% of the applicable basic Listing price and we charge Guests the GSC every time a reservation is confirmed. The calculated GSC will be rounded off and varies depending on the property/transportation type. The effective rate as a percentage of the reservation subtotal (before fees and applicable taxes) may vary higher or lower) depending on the specifics of the reservation and the internal minimum amount and maximum cap, determined at Tripcetera’s sole discretion. For certain listings, the Host may opt to charge a Cleaning Fee (“CF”) separately from the Accommodation Fee (“AF”).

    For e-Voucher purchases, we only charge the User / Guest a final 3% Transaction Processing Fee (“TPF”) calculated based on the List price of the Service. The TPF is also non-refundable and is similar to the GBF in terms of cancellation implications.

    We reserve the right to adjust the various Fees and Charges on Guests’ booking transactions for the Listed Services, with prospective effect, without prior notice and at our sole discretion.

    Fees and charges may be subject to applicable GST / VAT and other taxes which may be charged on top of the various fees. The rates and actual levy will vary depending on the local laws and Tax jurisdiction.

    We accept payments via secure third party payment gateways (e.g UOB Telemoney, Paypal, Alipay, etc.). User / Guest agrees that any and all fees that may be charged by these third-party payment gateways shall be borne by the User / Guest.

    Pay at Host (“PaH”) Settlement Mode

    For certain Service Listings, the Host can opt to receive directly the List Price, less any applicable Tripcetera fees and charges (“Net Amount”), directly from the Guest at the time of Voucher redemption or Check-in. In order to activate this mode of settlement, Host will need to select the “Pay at Host” option in the Payment Type section of the “Your Listing” tab, under Maintain/Edit Listing. This payment option is available for all service categories, including the e-Voucher, Transportation, and Accommodation Listings.

    If the Pay at Host payment type is selected, the Host agrees that the responsibility to collect from the Guest the Net Amount rests solely with the Host and that Tripcetera will not be responsible for any non-payment of the Net Amount from the Guest.

    The Net Amount due from Guest to Host is presented in the Voucher or Booking Receipt in the Host’s preferred transaction currency available at Tripcetera. The equivalent amount converted to the Host’s local currency is system calculated and presented in the Voucher / Booking receipt. The Host and Guest can agree at the time of payment the final settlement currency for the Net Amount. For example - if the transaction currency is in USD and the Host’s local currency is IDR, then the Guest and Host can agree between themselves to settle the Net Amount is USD or IDR. Tripcetera is not responsible to any potential currency gains or losses arising from the actual settlement currency between Host and Guest.


    For corporate service providers (hotels, airlines, ferries, cruises, car rental companies, etc.), the commission rates and payment cycles will be determined on a case by case basis as determined by individual contracts / credit agreements. In the case of bookings integrated with Tripcetera via a third-party distribution platform, bed bank, or other similar Third-party Service Wholesaler, (“TSW”), the commission and payment arrangements will be determined by the terms prescribed by the TSW to which both Tripcetera and corporate service provider has subscribed to.

    For non-corporate Hosts, you understand and agree that you will need to be ready with a Paypal Account under your own name through which Tripcetera will transfer the payment from the Guests, after deducting the commissions and fees due to Tripcetera, and also after deducting any relevant withholding taxes, and other deductible government dues relevant to your tax jurisdiction. Upon confirmation of a Service booking, the Guest will pay Tripcetera the total fees and receive a corresponding confirmation code (“TCT Key”) once payment is successful. Upon check-in at the Hosting premises or Service terminal, the Guest will provide the TCT Key it received from Tripcetera to the Host. The Host will then submit the TCT Key to Tripcetera, and upon validation of the code, Tripcetera will start processing payment to the Host via the registered Paypal account. Alternatively, the Host can opt to register a Visa Credit or Debit card in the relevant Host registration session. If this Host pay-out mode is selected, the net payments due can be transferred from Tripcetera and received by the Host via our Visa Direct facility. The check-in validation or voucher redemption process will be the same before the Host payment is processed either via Paypal or Visa Direct. Tripcetera will perform a twice-weekly payment cycle for Host pay-outs. Host pay-outs will be included in the relevant cycles / cut-offs depending on the actual check-in validation or redemption dates.

    If the Host opted for the Pay at Host settlement mode as described in Section 7 of the T&C, the Net Amount will be paid directly by the Guest to the Host at the time of e-Voucher redemption or Check-in. The Host has sole responsibility to collect from the Guest the Net Amount under this payment mode. Tripcetera is not responsible if Host fails to collect from Guest the Net Amount. For all Service Listing types (Accommodation, Transportation, and e-Voucher) , the Host has the option to select this PaH payment mode, subject to Tripcetera approval in cases where the Host requests to switch to Pay at Tripcetera (“PaT”) payment type or vice versa. In cases where the Host switches between PaH and PaT payment type, the net amount due to Host will be settled accordingly based on the payment type indicated in the e-Voucher or Booking Receipt.

    For Hosting transactions (Accommodation and Transportation), Tripcetera charges the Host a 3% Host Service Charge (“HSC”) for all confirmed bookings. For e-Voucher transactions (Spa, F&B, Attractions, etc.) Tripcetera charges the service provider / merchant with an e-Voucher Commission Fee (“ECF”), typically at about 15% of the List price. This may vary upwards or downwards, depending on the Service sub-category and other factors. Tripcetera reserves the right to change the ECF rates, from time to time, based on the sub-category of the Service or based on a case by case basis with the specific service provider. The HSC and / or ECF, together with other relevant withholding taxes and government dues, are deducted from the gross amounts due to the Host to arrive at the final remittance amount for payment to the Host.

    We reserve the right to adjust the various Fees and Charges on Hosts’ booking transactions for the Listed Services, with prospective effect, without prior notice and at our sole discretion.

    HSC Due from Host
    In certain cases, where payment is made directly from Guest to Host - Host shall be liable to Tripcetera for payment of the HSC. Failure to promptly remit the HSC to Tripcetera upon the commencement of the subject Service may result in the deactivation of the Host’s listing(s) on the Website, at the discretion of Tripcetera.

    Important Disclaimer
    Tripcetera is not responsible for cancellation disputes or any other disagreements between Host and Guests. All Hosts are required to clearly post their cancellation policy in their Listings, and ensure it is presented in easily understandable manner. In cases where a TCT Key was not relayed by the Host to Tripcetera and that there are no alternative ways that a Guest check-in can be verified, Tripcetera is not responsible for payment to the Host - unless the host can send the required verification codes, alternative documents that have been requested by Tripcetera, at its own discretion.


    1. For Hosted Services and Listings

      Guests and Hosts transacting services and listings using this platform agree to the following standard booking cancellation policy:

      1. The Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF, and TPF) are not refundable.
      2. Relevant penalty is calculated based on the listing’s local check-in time (3:00 PM cut-off applies if not specified) on check-in date. For unredeemed e-Vouchers, cancellation penalty is calculated based on the voucher expiration date.
      3. Tripcetera should be notified in writing within 24 hours from check-in time if there are any complaints arising from either party. If there is a complaint about the relevant property, vehicle, etc., Guest must allow Host 6 hours to respond and address any complaint.
      4. If either party cannot be contacted after booking confirmation, or upon check-in, please contact Tripcetera for customer service for assistance. If Guests leave without giving Host time to respond, or without communicating first to Tripcetera, the recourse available in this section is considered waived by the Guest.
      5. All Guest complaints must be supported by clear description of incidents or misrepresentation of the listing. Relevant photographic evidence must also be provided.

      Refunds for Hosted Services – Guest Cancellations
      1. If booking is cancelled more than 14 days before the check-in date (3 pm cut-off, local time), only the Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF) will be charged. If e-Voucher is cancelled more than 14 days before the expiration date, only the TPF plus 5% administration fee will be charged.
      2. If booking is cancelled 7 - 14 days before the check-in date (3 pm cut-off, local time), 25% of Host charges (AF) plus Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF) will be charged. If e-Voucher is cancelled 7 - 14 days before the expiration date, 25% of the e-Voucher cost plus the TPF will be charged.
      3. If booking is cancelled 7 days to 1 day before the check-in date (3 pm cut-off, local time), 50% of Host charges (AF), Tripcetera fees (GBF, GSF) will be charged. If e-Voucher is cancelled less than 7 days before the expiration date, 50% of the e-Voucher cost plus the TPF will be charged.
      4. For no-shows on the check-in date, no refunds will be applicable.

      Cancellations by Hosts

      Booking cancellations spoil travel plans and negatively affect confidence in the hosting ecosystem. To mitigate frequency of Host cancellations, we apply the following cancellation fees:

      1. > 7 days before check-in date: Host Cancellation Fee (“HCF”) = USD 40 per cancellation.
      2. < 7 days of check-in date: HCF = USD 80 per cancellation.
      3. The applicable cancellation fees are automatically deducted from the next pay out to the Host.
      4. Any cancellation event will be automatically posted to your listing's profile. However, Hosts can always post a public response to explain the cancellation.
      5. The cancelled dates in the Host’s calendar will remain blocked for booking and reservation

    2. For Hotel Bookings

      1. Refunds are subject to all applicable refund policies, and may differ for each hotel. Please ensure that you understand the terms and conditions thoroughly and adhere to the refund procedure.
      2. Refund is only allowed for refundable hotel bookings.
      3. A minimum of 5% administration fee is charged for allowable cancellations.
      4. For more information on specific hotel refund policy, please refer to the booking detail / hotel voucher.
      5. Cancellation may be subject to some additional fees, depending on the policy of each hotel and the mode of payment for the refund.
      6. The refund process may need 7 to 21 days, depending on the mode of payment and refund terms and conditions of the respective hotel.
      7. Partial refunds are not allowed; refunds will apply to all of reservations under the same booking reference.

    3. For Airline Bookings

      1. The terms stated here in Tripcetera.com, only apply to the viewing of this Website.
      2. Any airline / flight bookings accessed via Tripcetera.com and/or its partner website (if any), will be subject to the airlines’ own terms and conditions of their own website usage and terms and conditions of carriage.
      3. Purchases and inquiries made via Tripcetera.com and/or its partner website (if any), will be directed to the supplier.

    4. Additional Provisions

      1. This cancellation and refund policy is not an offer to insure any party and does not constitute an insurance contract. We encourage Guests to obtain relevant travel insurance in order to adequately cover risks. The benefits provided under this refund policy are not assignable or transferable.
      2. Tripcetera reserves the right to amend or discontinue this refund policy at its sole discretion, without prior notice. Any such amendment will be notified in this website, together with the corresponding effective date. Any outstanding claims will continue to be processed based on the applicable terms within the cut off dates.
      3. This policy constitutes the entire agreement between Tripcetera and users of the platform with regards to matters regarding cancellations and refunds. This supersedes and any prior understandings or agreements between Tripcetera and users of this platform.
      4. Limitation of Liability. Tripcetera’s maximum liability arising from this cancellation and refund policy or arising from use of this platform shall not exceed the fees (CF, AF, e-Voucher value, or hotel voucher value) collected by Tripcetera from the Guest / customer.
      5. By using this website, posting a listing or booking a service (hosted or otherwise) via this platform, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions described herein and that you agree to be bound by the provisions of this T&C.


    Tripcetera provides a 5-point scale Service rating system for Guests to rate the quality of their stay or experience with a particular Host/Service. In addition, the rating platform facilitates a narrative feedback/review from the Guests on their booking or Service experience. Such reviews are published, transparent and open to the public. Guests should comply with the prohibitions of this T&C in terms of the use of offensive and indecent language or Content or comments that are unrelated to the actual booking / Service experience. Tripcetera reserves the right to hide, remove or delete any such review or feedback that does not comply with the terms of this T&C, irrelevant to the booking / Service, or for whatever reasons at its sole discretion.


    You agree to indemnify Tripcetera and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, legal counsels, employees or other partners, harmless from any claim of demand for any damage, liability, loss of personal or real property, personal and physical injury, violation of any law, expenses and other types of losses, including, without limitation for legal and accounting fees, as a result of or in any connection with (a) access to our Website and its usage of the Services; (b) interaction with any user of our Website; (c) booking and purchasing of any Services or e-Vouchers from the Listings of any kind arising in connection with transactions done under Tripcetera.


    You hereby acknowledge that we may establish limitations on the usage and parameters including but not limited to, the number of Listings posted in one page and maximum size/s of content to be used within the Website, information stored including emails and posts of users. You understand and agree that Tripcetera may adapt technical adjustments to any of these materials in order to be published within the website, in which may affect its appearance on any device used in accessing our website. You agree that you are aware that contents may affect the transmission of data, storage and deletion of data. You agree that Tripcetera will maintain the accessibility and modification of any part of this website as we deem fit, therefore no liability or responsibility will be imposed by you or any third party.


    Tripcetera reserves the right to terminate or discontinue any access to any account at any time, to uphold these terms and conditions, or for whatever reasons at its sole discretion.


    You agree and acknowledge that all software and contents in this Website are protected by copyright laws, trademarks, patents or any other proprietary rights and intellectual property laws. You therefore agree not to copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, sell, loan or create anything that is derived from any sections of this Website without express written permission from Tripcetera.

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    These terms and conditions is governed by and be construed according to the laws of Singapore. Any dispute which cannot be amicably resolved by the users and Tripcetera shall be referred to arbitration in Singapore by and according to the rules of Singapore International Arbitration Centre.


    Tripcetera and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, legal counsels, employees, other partners, advertisers, shareholders, affiliates, successors or assigns is/are not liable for any loss, damage, liability or cost suffered during and within the usage of this Website and termination of its services. You understand and agree that we are not responsible for any claims of damage which would result or which resulted from the use of this Website and any of Tripcetera's services. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, loss of enjoyment, or other intangible losses resulting from: (a) the use of or the disruption of use of the Website or Service; (b) the cost of acquiring substitute goods and services resulting from unrealized booking and delivery of any goods, data, information or Services purchased or obtained / transacted via the Website; (c) unauthorized access to your User/Member account or alterations to your data transmissions; (d) statements or actions of any third party on the Website; or (e) any other matter relating to the Website or Services. In legal jurisdictions that do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, Tripcetera's liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws. If you are not satisfied with the Website, Service, or you disagree with any part of the T&C, or have any other dispute or claims against Tripcetera with respect to the T&C, your sole/exclusive recourse shall be to discontinue using the Website.

    We have no liability for circumstances beyond our control
    We shall have no liability for any delay or failure to book or execute a Service booked from the Listings either by the Hosts or corporate service providers. We are not responsible for any breach of contract caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control. The following shall be considered to be circumstances beyond our reasonable control: any actions or damages caused by the actions or omissions by Guests or Hosts / service providers in relation to any Service booking transactions or communications via the Website; war or threat of war; accidents causing delays or cancellation of a booked Service; exceptional severe weather conditions; fire and/or damage at an airport terminal, jetty, hotel or accommodation premises; compliance with requests of the police, customs or other government, officials and security services; deaths and accidents at sea, land or air; vandalism and terrorism; unforeseen traffic delays; strike/industrial action, riot or local disturbance or unrest; problems caused by other customers; delays and cancellations due to actions by a police officer, customs official or governmental official; approval of relevant governmental department of the countries concerned being refused on grounds of national security etc; bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of trade of any Host or service provider using the Website / booking platform; and other circumstances affecting Guest / Host / service provider safety.

    Our maximum liability to you
    Our maximum liability to you for any cancelation, delay, loss, damage or liability for loss or damage to your personal belongings, accommodation property, vehicle which you may suffer or incur as a result of our breach of this T&C, our negligence in connection with services of this Website, or the deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of any of our officers, employees, agents, representatives or sub-contractors, shall be limited to SGD500.00 in aggregate for all such losses, damage and liability.



    For Hosting, the Member ID of the Host needs to be in “Verified” status before their Listing(s) can be activated for access to the public. Basic requirements would be a digital scan of a valid passport, a digital scan of a national identification card or government issued ID (in addition to the passport; whatever is applicable from the Host country of origin), a valid email address, a registered home address, a valid hand phone number, and other documents which may be required to improve verification. The phone numbers and emails are verified via an SMS / Email challenge and response system protocol. The website is also protected by Cloudflare which helps filter banned/malicious IP addresses from accessing our platform.

    Regarding the business prohibited list or service exclusions, we do not accept Listings outside the Travel and Hospitality services and activities.

    In order to monitor listings and transactions, in addition to the Cloudflare filtering, Tripcetera provides a 5-point scale Service rating system for Guests to rate the quality of their stay or experience with a particular Host/Service. In addition, the rating platform facilitates a narrative feedback/review from the Guests on their booking or Service experience. Such reviews are published, transparent and open to the public.

    Tripcetera’s Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy (“AML/KYC Policy”) is designed to prevent and mitigate potential risks of the platform being involved in any kind of malicious or illegal activities.

    1. Verification process

    In line with the international standards for preventing illegal activity, it is Tripcetera’s policy that due diligence procedures are performed before a Guest/Host is on-boarded in our platform. Accordingly, we have established our own verification procedures within the standards of anti-money laundering and “KYC” conventions.

    Tripcetera’s identity verification protocol requires the User to provide authentic and corroborating source documents, data or information (e.g., national ID, passport, proof of address) via the relevant sessions in the platform. Accordingly, Tripcetera reserves the right to collect User’s other identification information for the purposes of this AML/KYC Policy.

    Relevant steps to confirm the authenticity of documents and information provided by the Users will be performed. Generally accepted methods for checking ID information will be used and Tripcetera reserves the right to investigate certain Users who are deemed to be suspicious.

    Tripcetera reserves the right to verify User’s identity in from time to time, particularly when there are changes or updates to identification information or their activities are flagged as unusual or suspicious. We also reserve the right to require updated documents from the Users who have been on “Verified” status in the past, at Tripetera’s discretion. User’s identification information will be collected, stored, shared and protected strictly in accordance with Tripcetera’s Privacy Policy and related regulations.

    Tripcetera is not responsible for any legal liability in relation to the use of this platform in a situation where certain transactions are deemed illegal once the User’s identity has been verified in accordance with the prescribed protocols.

    2. Compliance Officer

    The Compliance Officer (“CO”) is the person, duly authorized by Tripcetera, whose responsibility is to ensure the effective implementation and enforcement of the AML/KYC Policy. It is the CO’s responsibility to oversee all aspects of mitigating AML risks, including but not limited to:

    1. Collection and analysis Users’ identification data.
    2. Establishment and maintenance of standard operating procedures (“SOP”).
    3. Ensuring compliance with the established SOP and relevant laws and regulations.
    4. Monitoring transactions and investigating any activity that is flagged as suspicious.
    5. Implementing document management system for relevant documents, files, forms and logs.
    6. Ensure regular performance of risk assessment procedures.
    7. Coordinating with relevant law enforcement authorities as required under the applicable laws and regulations.

    3. Data Analysis

    While Users are primarily known through verification of corroborating identity documents, it is also equally important to analyse their transactional patterns. Tripcetera utilizes data analysis tools to flag high risk and suspicious transactions. Tripcetera performs a variety of compliance-related tasks, including capturing data, filtering, record-keeping, investigation management, and reporting. System features include:

    1. Routine check of Users against recognized “black lists” (e.g. OFAC) and upfront IP filtering via Cloudflare, placing flagged Users on suspense and service denial lists, initiating cases for investigation or filling out statutory reports, if applicable.
    2. Case Documentation and Reporting - Tripcetera will monitor all transactions and it reserves the right to: a) ensure that transactions of suspicious nature are reported to the proper law enforcement through the CO; b) request the User to provide any additional information and documents in case of suspicious transactions; c) suspend or terminate User’s Account when Tripcetera’s system has flagged the User as engaging in suspicious activity.

    4. Risk Management

    We have adopted a risk-based approach to mitigate money laundering activities. By adopting a risk-based approach, Tripcetera is able to ensure that measures to prevent or mitigate money laundering are commensurate to the identified risks. This will allow resources to be allocated and prioritized in the most cost effective manner.


    You agree and understand that you are not authorized to make any statements, representations or commitments of any kind, or take any action, which shall be binding to Tripcetera or any other party.

    Tripcetera is not liable or responsible to any party or user for any delay or non-performance of its website services under these terms arising from any cause or causes beyond its reasonable control including without limitation to any act of God, war, fire, flood, explosions, natural or manmade disasters or civil commotion.

    This T&C constitutes the entire agreement between you and Tripcetera and regulates your use of the Website and the Services. This T&C supersedes any prior agreements between you and Tripcetera. For corporate Service providers that deal with Tripcetera via direct arrangements and systems integration, you may also be subject to a separate contract and additional terms and conditions that may apply. You acknowledge that Tripcetera has the right to take legal action if your actions violate this T&C to the disadvantage of Tripcetera or any of its affiliates. Failure to exercise or enforce any of our rights or provision of this T&C shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of this T&C is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, the other provisions of this T&C shall remain in full force and effect. You agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Website or the Service or this T&C shall prescribe one year after such event or claim transpired. You confirm that you have read and agree to the Tripcetera Privacy Policy, the terms of which form part of this T&C. The section titles in this T&C are for purposes of convenience and have no legal or contractual effect.

    Tripcetera’s Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy (“AML/KYC Policy”) is designed to prevent and mitigate potential risks of the platform being involved in any kind of malicious or illegal activities.

    In compliance with international and local regulations, Tripcetera has implemented policies, procedures and processes to prevent transactions related to money laundering, financing of terrorist activities, drug and human trafficking, illegal arms and weapons trade, corruption and bribery, and other similar illegal activities. We reserve the right to take action in case any form of suspicious activity from Users/Guests/Hosts is identified.


    If you have any questions and clarifications pertaining to these terms and conditions, or if you need to report any violation pertaining to these terms and conditions please contact Tripcetera at [email protected].

Issue/Rev: TCT/01/T&C/1/R1, 30 August 2017